The first Valentine's day of this decade provides an opportunity for you to make a splash with your loved one. Whether you have been married for years or are just getting started, there is no better gift to give than that of roses. Roses have been a staple of romantic endeavours of all types for hundreds of years, and when you give them to your special someone, you speak to them in a language that is universal. However, plain roses can be a little plain, which is why it is time to consider the rose bear.

What is a rose bear?

A rose bear is exactly what it sounds like: a teddy bear made out of roses. Of course, this can be hard to visualise. Technically, the bear is made out of a premium styrofoam model which is then decorated with faux roses which mimic the exact outline of a teddy bears shape. While the teddy bear does utilise fake roses, the construction quality is immaculate and the bear can last for years as a cute reminder of the day that was. If it was made out of regular roses, not only would the design be very difficult to achieve, but it would also begin to wilt after a few hours, which is not very romantic.

Customise it

The best thing about a rose bear, apart from it being a totally unique gift idea, is that you can customise it as much as you would like, from the colour (with many options being available and new ones being added regularly) to the presentation and the presentation. Many people get a professional gift wrapping of the bear so the whole thing looks like it came out of a romantic movie that everyone dreams about. Remember to write a note! A gift without a note on Valentine's day is only half done. 

Make it the start or finish of the day

It is best to incorporate the rose bear with the rest of your planned Valentine's day at either the beginning or as the bookend. This is because it is such a striking gift that it makes sense to use it as a significant moment that signals the start or end of the day's festivities. That way, every time you see the rose bear, you will be taken back to exactly what happened when you were giving (or got) it. Also, it is always a good idea to present the rose bear with chocolate because, after all, what are roses without chocolates?

To learn more, contact a rose bear supplier.