Tweed Heads, at the southern end of the Gold Coast, can feel a bit strange for non-locals during Daylight Saving Time, when the portion of the town in New South Wales is an hour ahead of the Queensland portion of the town. Sometimes if you just cross the street, you're in a different timezone. One of the arguments that some Queenslanders have against Daylight Saving Time is that the extra hour of daylight fades the curtains. Perhaps this is not the strongest argument, but it poses an interesting question for anyone in Australia who is in the process of choosing new curtains. With an abundance of sunlight and heat, which curtains are best for local conditions?


Yes, sunlight can fade curtains, but this is a slow process, and it will gradually take place even in parts of the world that aren't renowned for their sunny conditions. Patterned curtains will be the most susceptible to fading, followed by dark-coloured curtains. Choosing a light, neutral colour will minimise fading, and you can opt for something one shade lighter or darker than your walls in order to differentiate the curtains from their surroundings. The curtains' lining will also help to prolong their lifespan and will absorb the brunt of the sun's strength. Having an interlining (a third piece of fabric between the lining and the curtain) is another way to make curtains last longer, but this can also trap too much heat in the Australian summer.


The length of the curtain must be carefully considered. It needs to comfortably overhang the perimeter of the window frame, with a fabric and lining of sufficient heft to make sure that the curtain in fact hangs flat. This is essential when you're closing your curtains with the deliberate intention of blocking out the sun. Wall-length curtains should end just a few centimetres away from the floor for the same reason. Be sure to take precise measurements that take this necessity for blocking out sunlight into consideration.


Since you will be frequently closing the curtains to keep the sun out, your curtains can be more susceptible to attracting dust and dirt. This can happen rather easily, and all it takes is a child with dirty hands closing the curtains. Make sure that you choose machine-washable curtains, as opposed to those that must be dry-cleaned. As needed, you can simply detach the curtains and run them through the washing machine as per the manufacturer's instructions (generally on a dedicated delicate cycle). 

Whether Daylight Saving Time is a factor or not, you need to make sure that your new curtains are the best choice for the Australian climate. Contact curtain suppliers today to see your options.